Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Since when is the camp operational?

Our camp is operational all year long for caravans and guests staying in apartments DELUXE, COMFORT, POOL, LAURA and in the main building. Cottages are operational since 1.5. untill 30.9.

How and when is it possible to reserve my stay?

We accept reservations made by email or by filling our online reservation form. You can check if your desired term is avaiable by phone. Untill 1.6. we accept reservations for the upcoming main season only for a week long stays. After 1.6. we accept reservations on main season even for shorter stays. Outside of the main season you can also reserve a stay for only one night. The reservations are avaiable anytime.

Is it possible to reserve a specific cottage or apartment by their number?

Unfortunatelly thats not possible. We adapt our reservations so that they would follow up on each other. But if occupancy allows, we will be happy to comply.

Since when is the swimming pool open?

Usually since half June, for the whole summer, untill half September. But the weather has to be taken in the account as well.

Can people without stays visit the camping grounds?

The Camping Rožnov area is primarily designed for our guests, but if occupancy allows it, non-staying guests can purchase a ticket in the reception, which will allow them one time entry of our camp.

What are the dining options in the Camping Rožnov grounds?

Right in our camp grounds we have a restaurant with the offer of full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Half board and Full board can we arranged ahead for better pricing. Also we prepared for you a small shop which sells basic food and groceries. This shop is located in the main building (behind reception). You can buy your groceries and fresh pastry here every day including weekends.

Is it possible to order breakfast outside of the main season?

Yes, outside of the main season you can reserve your breakfast, we serve them in the breakfast bar.

I want to go to your camp with my family in a tent or caravan. Can i warm up my own food somewhere?

Yes, for this purpose we have a separate building with kitchenette and dining room. The kitchenette is equipped with sinks, kettles, microwave ovens and hot plots.

Are trampolins and X-bungee going to be operational again in the summer?

Trampolins are open during the summer season accoring to weather. A fun fact – the jumping ambassador a tour camp is Ms. Petra Vachníková (first czech Olympic representant in this sport). If you are interested we can arrange educational lesson on how to jump properly, under the supervision of our trainer.

Is minizoo going to be open again?

Yes, every year you can see our piglets, sheeps and goat. Mini Zoo is operational since June.

Is it possible to safely store and lock my bicycle in Camping Rožnov?

You can lock your bike for free anywhere in our camp. We are partners of project called „welcome bikers“.

Is there a place to store my valuables and personal belongings, documents or finances?

Yes, you can use our safe-box service at Camping Rožnov reception.

Can i take my dog with me?

Yes, you can take your pet with you to selected cottages. In all types of accommodation we set a mark if you ca nor can not bring your pet to this type of accommodation.

Can i log into Wifi at your camp?

 Yes, we have stable Wifi connection throughout the camp grounds. The password will be given to you when you arrive, alongside guides to your stay.